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Lead Water Pipe Replacement

Many properties in Northern Ireland built before 1970 may still be serviced by lead water pipes which at some point will need replaced. These crack and create leaks, drop in water pressure etc.


Lead has also been recognised as being harmful.  If the water board detect a breakage on your property through their regular checks they will insist that these are fixed and replaced or they will provide a contractor to do this.

Replacement of Lead Pipes

The part of the service pipe from the customer’s tap to the property boundary, which is known as the supply pipe, is the responsibility of the householder while responsibility for the part of the pipe from the property boundary to the water main, which is known as the communication pipe, rests with NI Water.


FMC are experts in replacing lead water pipework with new safe plastic pipes. We are experts in narrow access groundwork and can replace pipework with the minimum of disruption to paths, gardens, driveways etc. We have 25 years experience in this field and can use thrust boring underground techniques to replace the pipework which means we won’t need to dig up all your property for access. If you live in an area with limited space we have all the specialist narrow access equipment available to conduct the work with minimum disruption.

We can provide many references from previous satisfied customers for our tidy and minimally disruptive working practices.

Call us now for a free quote as we are available throughout Northern Ireland.

Call : 028 9269 8589

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